Will a Stiebel Eltron Tempra Electric Tankless Water Heater work if I have a well?

While many tankless water heaters without true thermostatic controls often have serious problems dealing with pressure changes on well water systems, the Stiebel Eltron Tempra tankless water heater handles well water conditions very well.

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra Series tankless water heater operates in a range between 5 - 150 psi. In order to maintain a constant output temperature, the Tempra tankless' true thermostatic control will adjust the power to your heating modules as the pressure from your well pump or expansion tank changes (most will fluctuate between about 40 and 60 psi). It will increase power as the pump pressure rises (flow increases) and decrease power to the heating modules as the pressure declines (flow rate decreases).

Most competitor's tankless water heaters are unable to maintain a steady output water temperature during these pressure changes because they lack a true thermostatic temperature control.

Tankless water heaters also handle hard water conditions better than conventional water heaters.