Tankless Water Heater Accessories

get the most out of your tankless water heater with products designed to extend its life and make installation a snap!

We are pleased to offer an array of products designed to enhance the performance of your tankless water heater and extend its life. In regions with hard water, nothing robs your water heater of its efficiency faster than hard water mineral scale. It accummulates on your heating elements, slowly reducing heat transfer and water pressure, eventually causing pre-mature failure. Preventing mineral scale formation with our ecoTAC Protector Series water heater filter ensures optimal performance and service life of your heater. Flow-Aide de-scaling kits can also be used to remove existing mineral scale. Furthermore, we offer flexible stainless steel connectors and isolation valve kits to make installation faster and easier, saving you time and money!

Falcon Flexible
Stainless Steel
Pipe Connectors

Falcon Flexible <br>Stainless Steel <br>Pipe Connectors
shorten installation time for your water
heater - reduced labor cost, tidy installation that will not compromise flow rates

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ecoTAC Protector Series
Hard Water Treatment
for Tankless Water Heaters

ecoTAC Protector Series <br>Hard Water Treatment<br> for Tankless Water Heaters
salt-free, environmentally-friendly filter designed to reduce the harmful effects of hard water on your tankless water heater

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Valve Kit

<br>Isolation <br>Valve Kit
convenient isolation valve kit
for tankless water heaters
- includes pressure relief valve

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Flow-Aide De-Scaling Kit
Flow-Aide De-Scaling Kit
de-scaling kit designed to remove hard water mineral scale from tankless and tank-type water heaters to restore performance

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Scale Tac-ler Installation Kit
Scale Tac-ler Installation Kit
designed to help you make a tidy, professional, and fast connection of your TAC-ler water filter.

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Flow-Aide De-Scaling Fluid
Flow-Aide De-Scaling Fluid
replacement cleaning fluid
for the Flow-Aide de-scaling kit
(1 quart)

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