What's the difference between the Stiebel Eltron Tempra & Tempra Plus models?

The difference between the Stiebel Eltron Tempra Trend and Tempra Plus tankless water heaters comes down to a few things. The Tempra Plus series uses dynamic advanced flow control technology, has two temperature preset buttons, a flow rate monitor, and an energy monitor showing cost savings. The Tempra Trend series do not have these features.

Tempra Plus Dynamic Advanced Flow Control

While both the Tempra and Tempra Plus units are thermostatically controlled only the Tempra Plus series offers dynamic advanced flow control. This is a valve inside the unit which will limit the flow rate of hot water if you attempt to draw more water than the unit can heat to the temperature you have it set to.

Dynamic Advanced Flow Control Example

If you attempt to get a 50°F temperature rise at 4 gallons per minute, the Tempra 24 and Tempra 24 Plus will react differently. Both units can only provide 3.3 gallons per minute with a 50°F temperature rise. The Tempra 24 will provide 4 gallons per minute with only a 42°F temperature rise. The Tempra 24 Plus will reduce the flow down to 3.3 gallons per minute and continue to provide a 50°F temperature rise.