How does an Electric Tankless Water Heater prevent scalding injuries?

Scalding is much more likely to occur when water temperatures are allowed to exceed 130F. Conventional tank type water heaters are almost always set above this temperature in order to recover quickly after a major demand and to extend the period during which hot water can be demanded.

When an adult encounters water that is too hot, he has the presence of mind and the ability to adjust the mixture and avoid scalding. When this happens to a child or infant, with or without intervention from an adult, the results can range from mild discomfort to third degree burns.

Since tankless water heaters operate entirely on demand and on a continuous basis (they never run out of hot water), there is no longer a need to overheat the water to these scalding temperatures. A safe output temperature of 105 to 115F can be selected by the user.

With the Stiebel Eltron Tempra Series tankless water heater and its true thermostatic control, you can set the desired output water temperature at a safe level and the water heater will maintain that temperature setting desipte changes in the water flow rate and incoming water tmeperature.