ecoTAC P6R Replacement Filter

replacement filter cartridge for ecoTAC Protector 6 hard water conditioner for tankless water heaters (6 GPM)

ecoTAC P6R Replacement Hard Water Conditioner Filter Cartridge

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This replacement cartridge is designed specifically for the ecoTAC Protector 6 hard water conditioner for tankless water heaters.

It can also be used to upgrade the ecoTAC Protector 4 to an ecoTAC Protector 6.

Additionally, this cartridge will fit most other brands of "Big Blue" 4.5 x 20 inch filter housings and many competitor's TAC filters of the same size, including Watts OneFlow (OFTWHRM), Takagi Product Preservers (LG1.5L-RM), and Noritz H2Flow (H2F-C).

  • Protects the investment in your new water heater
  • Ideal for all brands of tankless and tank-type water heaters
  • Ensures optimal performance and efficiency
  • Maintains water pressure and flow rates
  • Prevents pre-mature heating element / heat exchanger failure
  • Built-in sediment pre-filter
  • No salt, no chemical regeneration, and no brine discharge!
  • No backwash - save thousands of gallons of water per year compared to a traditional water softener
  • When compared to polyphosphate (Siliphos) filters, it is more environmentally friendly and displays superior performance
  • Does not add any chemicals to the water or change its taste, smell, or feel

ecoTAC Protector Series filters will provide benefits where the hardness of the water exceeds 7 grains per gallon or 120 ppm (mg/l), and is strongly recommended where the hardness exceeds 12 grains per gallon or 200 ppm (mg/l).

Install on the cold water line prior to your tankless water heater.

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ecoTAC P6R Specifications:
Media / Technology: Template Assisted Crystallization Media (TAC)
Dimensions: 4.5" diameter x 20"
fits in most "Big Blue" 20" Filter Housings
Maximum Flow Rate: 6 Gallons per Minute (GPM)
23 Litres per Minute (LPM)
Maximum Hardness: 75 grains per gallon (GPG) / 1,280 ppm (mg/l)
Estimated Cartridge Life: 2 years
For use with : ecoTAC Protector 6
Maximum Pressure: 90 PSI
pH Range: 6.5 to 8.5
Pre-Treatment Conditions: Iron < 0.3 ppm (mg/l)
Manganese < 0.05 ppm (mg/l)
Copper < 1.3 ppm (mg/l)
Chlorine < 3 ppm (mg/l) - city water OK!
Hydrogen Sulfide - none
Polyphosphates & Oils - none